Acts and Regulations

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Chapter Title Department
O-0.2 Occupational Health and Safety Act Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour
84-26 Administration  
91-191 General  
92-133 Code of Practice for Working Alone  
96-105 Underground Mine  
2004-130 First Aid  
2007-33 Training and Designated Trades  
2016-6 Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System  
O-1.5 Off-Road Vehicle Act Justice and Public Safety
85-202 Fees  
2009-51 Young Driver  
2010-15 Prescribed Persons or Bodies  
2020-17 Mount Carleton Grooming Hub  
O-0.5 Official Languages Act Executive Council
85-165 Documents  
86-2 Interpreters  
2002-63 Services and Communications  
2015-67 General  
2021-26 Interdepartmental Working Group  
2011, c.198 An Act Recognizing the Equality of the Two Official Linguistic Communities in New Brunswick Executive Council
2019, c.20 Official Notices Publication Act Executive Council
2019-24 Fees  
O-2.1 Oil and Natural Gas Act Natural Resources and Energy Development
86-190 Survey System  
86-191 Geophysical Exploration  
2001-66 Licence to Search and Lease  
2015-28 Prohibition Against Hydraulic Fracturing  
O-5 Ombud Act Legislative Assembly
2023, c.28 Opioid Damages and Health Care Costs Recovery Act
2015, c.2 Opportunities New Brunswick Act Aboriginal Affairs
2015-7 General  
2011, c.199 Order of New Brunswick Act Executive Council
2014, c.32 Organ and Tissue Donation Strategy Act Health
2011, c.200 Ownership of Minerals Act Natural Resources and Energy Development