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M-6 - Mechanics’ Lien Act

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Certificate of discharge, order vacating lien
30(1)A lien may be discharged by a certificate of discharge substantially in the form prescribed by regulation, signed by the lienholder, or by his agent duly authorized in writing, verified by affidavit, and filed in the registry office where the claim of lien is filed.
30(2)Where the amount claimed by the lienholder, or any part thereof, has been paid, the certificate of discharge shall acknowledge receipt of the amount so paid.
30(3)The certificate of discharge shall be received and filed by the Registrar and shall be indexed in the Mechanics’ Lien Index and a notation of the certificate shall be made opposite the entry of the claim of lien to which it refers.
30(4)Where the certificate required by section 27 has not been registered or filed within the prescribed time, and an application is made to vacate the filing of a claim of lien after the time for registration or filing of such certificate, the order vacating the lien may be made ex parte upon production of the certificate of the proper registrar certifying the facts entitling the applicant to such order.
R.S., c.142, s.29; 1965, c.27, s.1, 12