Acts and Regulations

M-6 - Mechanics’ Lien Act

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Filing claim of lien by Registrar, settlement
23(1)The Registrar, upon receipt of the proper fee shall file a claim of lien describing it as a “Mechanics’ Lien” and shall index the claim of lien in a book to be kept and entitled “Mechanics’ Lien Index” and the lien shall appear as an encumbrance against the land or the estate or interest in land therein described.
23(2)Repealed: 1980, c.30, s.2
23(3)If a claim for lien is settled without an action, the owner is liable to the lienholder for the fees disbursed under this section, and also for a solicitor’s fee equal to ten per cent of the sum claimed, but not to exceed twenty-five dollars.
R.S., c.142, s.22; 1965, c.27, s.2, 9, 10; 1979, c.41, s.77; 1980, c.30, s.2