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M-6 - Mechanics’ Lien Act

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Claim of lien
20(1)A claim of lien upon any land or interest therein may be filed in the proper registry office.
20(2)A claim of lien shall state
(a) the name and address of
(i) the lienholder,
(ii) the owner, or the person whom the lienholder or his agent believes to be the owner of the land to be charged, and
(iii) the person for whom, and upon whose credit, the work was or is to be done, or the material was or is to be furnished;
(b) the date upon which the last work was done or the last material furnished, or, where the claim is filed before the work or furnishing of material is completed, the time or period within which the same is to be done or furnished;
(c) a short description of the work done, or to be done, or of the material furnished, or to be furnished;
(d) the sum claimed as due or to become due;
(e) a description, sufficient for identification, of the land or interest therein to be charged; and
(f) the date of expiry of the period of credit, if any, given by the lienholder.
20(3)A claim of lien may be made in one of the forms prescribed by regulation and shall be verified by the affidavit of the lienholder or of his agent or assignee having personal knowledge of the matters required to be verified, which affidavit may be in the form prescribed by regulation.
20(4)Where an affidavit of verification is made by an agent or assignee, it shall state that he has a personal knowledge of the matters verified.
20(5)Every claim of lien shall show an address for service on the lienholder.
20(6)A lienholder may at any time change his address for service by notifying the owner and the registrar of deeds in writing, and thereupon the registrar shall note the change of address upon the claim of lien.
20(7)When it is desired to file a claim of lien against a railway, it is sufficient description of the land of the railway company to describe it as the land of the railway company; and every such claim shall be filed in the registry office of every county within which the lien is claimed to have arisen.
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