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W-13 - Workers’ Compensation Act

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Powers of entry of Commission
78(1)A member or officer of the Commission or any person authorized by it for that purpose has the right at all reasonable hours to enter into the establishment of any employer and the premises connected with it and every part of them, for the purpose of ascertaining whether the ways, works, machinery or appliances therein are safe, adequate and sufficient, and whether all proper precautions are taken for the prevention of accidents to the workers employed in or about the establishment or premises, and whether the safety appliances or safeguards prescribed by law are used and employed therein, or for any other purpose that the Commission may deem necessary for the purpose of determining the amount of the assessment of such employer.
78(2)Repealed: 1982, c.67, s.11
R.S., c.255, s.73; 1958, c.59, s.6; 1981, c.80, s.3, 24; 1982, c.67, s.11; 1994, c.70, s.12