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W-13 - Workers’ Compensation Act

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Provisional levy
62(1)The Commission may levy upon an employer a provisional amount based upon the estimates and information furnished by the employer or upon such further or other information as the Commission may obtain, and that provisional amount shall be presumed to be the amount due by the employer, and may be collected from him as hereinafter provided.
62(2)In case of the refusal or neglect of an employer to furnish an estimate or information as required under section 53, the Commission may make its own estimates of the amount due by him, and may levy and collect such amount.
62(3)Such provisional levies may, wherever it is deemed expedient, be collected in half-yearly, quarterly or monthly instalments, or otherwise, and where it appears that the funds in any class are sufficient for the time being, any instalment in that class may be abated or its collection deferred.
R.S., c.255, s.57; 1994, c.70, s.12