Acts and Regulations

W-13 - Workers’ Compensation Act

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Form of payment, special operation or medical treatment
40(1)The Commission may in its discretion,
(a) commute the whole or any part of the payments due or payable to any worker or dependent for a lump sum,
(b) substitute for such payments any other scheme of periodical payments, or
(c) substitute for any lump sum a scheme of periodical payments deemed most expedient in the interest of the worker or dependent.
40(2)When, in the opinion of the Commission, it will conserve the Accident Fund to provide a special surgical operation or other special medical treatment for a worker, the expense of such operation or treatment may be paid out of the Accident Fund.
R.S., c.255, s.37; 1981, c.80, s.3; 1994, c.70, s.12