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M-17 - Motor Vehicle Act

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Application for driver’s licence
85(1)Every application for a licence shall be made upon a form furnished by the Registrar, and every application shall be accompanied by the proper fee.
85(2)Every application shall state the full name, date of birth, sex, and resident address of the applicant, and briefly describe the applicant, and shall state whether the applicant has theretofore been licensed, and, if so, when and by what province or country, and whether any such licence has ever been suspended or revoked, or whether an application has ever been refused, and, if so, the date of and reason for such suspension, revocation, or refusal and such other information as the Minister may require.
85(3)An application under this section shall, if the applicant is applying for the first time, include a copy of the applicant’s birth certificate, baptismal certificate or such other proof of age as is satisfactory to the Registrar.
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