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M-17 - Motor Vehicle Act

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Licensing of driver training courses
84.3(1)No person shall operate a business enterprise offering or providing to others a driver training course, whether the instruction in the course is given by the owner or by an employee of the business enterprise, unless the course is operated under the authority of a valid and subsisting driver training course licence issued in accordance with the regulations, in the location specified in the licence.
84.3(2)Any person who instructs another person or offers instruction to another person in the operation of a motor vehicle in exchange, directly or indirectly, for consideration, other than as an employee of a business operation referred to in subsection (1), shall be deemed to be operating a business enterprise referred to in subsection (1) and the instruction shall be deemed to be a driver training course referred to in subsection (1).
84.3(3)An applicant for the issuance, renewal or reinstatement of a driver training course licence, and any holder of such a licence on the commencement of this subsection, shall furnish to the Registrar and maintain a security bond for the sole purpose of compensating former, current or potential students of the course for losses of money, paid to or received by the operator or agent of the operator of the course for the purpose of paying for the course, that arise from failure of the business enterprise, misappropriation or wrongful conversion of the money or suspension or revocation of the operator’s driver training course licence.
84.3(4)One bond shall be furnished to the Registrar, and maintained, in the prescribed amount for each driver training course licence.
84.3(5)A bond shall not be cancelled, expire or lapse except after sixty days’ written notice has been given to the Registrar.
84.3(6)A bond shall be in the form approved by the Registrar and in an amount prescribed by the regulations.
84.3(7)For the purpose of bringing an action arising out of an act or omission occurring during the security term of a bond, the bond continues in force for two years after the end of the security term, and any action relating to any claim made in respect of the bond shall be brought within the two-year period.
1998, c.46, s.2