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M-17 - Motor Vehicle Act

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Licence for farm tractor
82(1)Notwithstanding any other provisions herein, but subject to regulations of the Lieutenant-Governor in Council, the Registrar may issue a restricted licence, which shall be of a distinctive class as defined by regulation, to a minor between the ages of fourteen and sixteen years that shall entitle the licensee to operate a farm tractor only on those parts of highways designated by the Registrar and appearing on the licence.
82(2)For the purpose of subsection (1), the Lieutenant-Governor in Council may make regulations
(a) prescribing the circumstances for which a licence may be issued, and
(b) prescribing the restrictions in any given case which shall be designated by the Registrar.
82(3)All provisions of this Act in respect of minors between the ages of sixteen and eighteen years, including applications, examinations and the obligations imposed upon the person signing the application of a minor, apply mutatis mutandis with respect to an application for the issuance of a restricted licence as provided for in subsection (1).
1960, c.53, s.10; 1972, c.48, s.14