Acts and Regulations

M-17 - Motor Vehicle Act

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Licences, issue of
6(1)The Lieutenant-Governor in Council may by regulation establish classes of licence and may specify the conditions governing the classification of licences including the defining of the type, size and mass of vehicle that each class of licence entitles an individual to operate as well as the establishment of medical standards that may regulate or restrict an individual’s right to obtain a particular class of licence.
6(2)Any licence issued shall be of a specific class and shall have endorsed thereon the class to which it belongs.
6(3)No person holding a valid licence shall operate any vehicle other than one that his licence entitles him to operate in accordance with regulations made under subsection (1).
6(4)The Lieutenant-Governor in Council may by regulation reclassify in terms of the classes of licence established pursuant to subsection (1) licences that were issued prior to the establishment of such classes as are stipulated in the regulation.
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