Acts and Regulations

M-17 - Motor Vehicle Act

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56(1)Every holder of a licence issued under section 55 shall maintain a record of
(a) every vehicle of a type subject to registration hereunder that is bought, sold, or exchanged by such licensee or received or accepted by such licensee for sale or exchange, and
(b) every such vehicle which is bought or otherwise acquired and wrecked by such licensee.
56(2)Every record shall state the name and address of the person from whom such vehicle was purchased or acquired and the date thereof and the name and address of the person to whom any such vehicle was sold or otherwise disposed of and the date thereof and a sufficient description of every such vehicle, by name and identifying numbers thereon, to identify the same.
56(3)Every such record shall be open to inspection by any peace officer during reasonable hours.
1955, c.13, s.49; 1996, c.43, s.6