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M-17 - Motor Vehicle Act

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Issuance of licence, supplemental licence, special licence
55(1)The Registrar, upon receiving application accompanied by the required fee, and when satisfied that the applicant is of good character, and so far as can be ascertained has complied with this Act and the regulations, shall issue to the applicant a licence valid up to and including December thirty-first of each year which shall entitle the licensee to carry on and conduct the business of a dealer, sub-dealer, used motor vehicle dealer or wrecker, as the case may be, at any one place of business during the calendar year in which the licence is issued, and may renew each such licence upon application and payment of the fee required by law.
55(2)The Registrar may refuse to issue a licence or, after written notice to the licensee may cancel a licence in the case of a dealer in new motor vehicles, a sub-dealer in new motor vehicles, a dealer in used motor vehicles, or a wrecker where the applicant or licensee does not maintain a book-keeping system and records adequate to provide full information on all motor vehicles wrecked, sold or held for sale and repair.
55(3)Any licensee, before moving any one or more of his places of business, shall apply to the Registrar for and obtain a supplemental licence, for which the ordinary fee shall be charged.
55(4)Any licensee before opening and operating a satellite place of business shall apply for and obtain in accordance with the regulations a special licence for which the ordinary fee shall be charged, and such licence shall be subject to such terms and conditions as are prescribed by regulation.
1955, c.13, s.48; 1983, c.52, s.8