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M-17 - Motor Vehicle Act

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Reciprocal arrangements respecting registrations
32(1)The Lieutenant-Governor in Council may make or authorize to be made with any other province a reciprocal arrangement or agreement with respect to any vehicle or class of vehicle or any class of motor vehicle owners to provide that where
(a) a vehicle is properly registered in that other province, and
(b) the registration certificate, registration plate and any other means of vehicle identification issued by that other province are surrendered to the Registrar,
that vehicle may be registered in New Brunswick and the appropriate registration certificate and registration plates may be issued to the vehicle owner without fee for the unexpired portion of the surrendered registration term.
32(2)An arrangement or agreement made pursuant to subsection (1) shall be made
(a) subject to the condition that no person is entitled to any exemption or privilege thereunder in respect of a motor vehicle in New Brunswick unless the owner of the motor vehicle has complied with the law of his place of residence as to the registration of motor vehicles, and
(b) subject to cancellation by the Lieutenant-Governor in Council.
1972, c.48, s.7