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M-17 - Motor Vehicle Act

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Foreign registration
23(1)In the event the vehicle to be registered is a specially constructed, reconstructed or foreign vehicle, other than a rebuilt vehicle, such fact shall be stated in the application and with reference to every foreign vehicle that has been registered heretofore outside this Province the owner shall surrender to the Registrar all registration plates, registration cards or certificates, or other evidence of such foreign registration as may be in his possession or under his control except as provided in subsection (2) hereof.
23(2)Where in the course of interprovincial or international operation of a vehicle registered in another province or state it is desirable to retain registration of the vehicle in such other province or state, such applicant need not surrender but shall submit for inspection the evidences of such foreign registration and the Registrar upon a proper showing shall register the vehicle in the Province.
1955, c.13, s.14; 1956, c.19, s.2; 1998, c.5, s.5