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M-17 - Motor Vehicle Act

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Content of application for registration
22Every owner of a vehicle subject to registration hereunder shall make application to the Registrar for the Registration thereof upon the appropriate form furnished by the Registrar and every such application shall, if requested by the Registrar, bear the signature of the owner or the owner’s agent, in the form and manner indicated by the Registrar, which application shall contain
(a) the name, bona fide residence, and mail address of the owner or business address of the owner if a firm, association or corporation,
(b) a description of the vehicle including, in so far as the hereinafter specified data may exist with respect to a given vehicle, the make, model, type of body, the serial or identification number of the vehicle, and whether such vehicle is new or used and if a new vehicle the date of sale by the manufacturer or dealer to the person intending to operate such vehicle,
(c) in the case of a vehicle designed, constructed, converted or rebuilt for the transportation of property, a statement of its curb mass or its equivalent, and
(d) such other information as may reasonably be required by the Registrar to enable him to determine whether the vehicle is lawfully entitled to registration.
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