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M-17 - Motor Vehicle Act

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Motor vehicle passengers
200(1)No person shall drive a vehicle when it is so loaded, or when there are in the front seat such number of persons as to obstruct the view of the driver to the front or sides of the vehicle or as to interfere with the driver’s control over the driving mechanism of the vehicle, and in no event, when there are more than three persons in the front seat.
200(2)No passenger in a vehicle shall ride in such a position as to interfere with the driver’s view ahead or to the sides, or to interfere with his control over the driving mechanism of the vehicle.
200(3)The driver of a motor vehicle travelling through defiles or canyons or on hilly or winding highways shall hold such motor vehicle under control and as near the right-hand edge of the highway as reasonably possible and, upon approaching any curve where the view is obstructed within a distance of sixty metres along the highway, shall give audible warning with the horn of such motor vehicle.
1955, c.13, s.180; 1977, c.M-11.1, s.17; 1985, c.34, s.13