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M-17 - Motor Vehicle Act

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Abandoned vehicles
196(1)No person shall abandon a vehicle or leave a vehicle standing for a period of more than twenty-four hours
(a) within the limits of a highway, or
(b) upon any land not owned or controlled by him, without the consent of the owner thereof.
196(2)Any official of the Division or any peace officer upon discovery of any vehicle apparently abandoned, whether situated within or without any highway of this Province, or of any vehicle without proper registration or of any vehicle that apparently has been involved in an accident and that is a menace to traffic or any vehicle that, in the opinion of such official or peace officer, is a menace to traffic by reason of any mechanical defect in such vehicle, or any vehicle parked upon a highway in such a position to obstruct traffic, or any vehicle parked at any place where official signs prohibit stopping in front of a public or private driveway shall take such vehicle into his custody and shall deal with the same as provided in section 197.
196(3)There shall be no liability attached to an official of the Division or a peace officer for any damages to a vehicle taken into his custody under this section.
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