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M-17 - Motor Vehicle Act

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Forms for accident reports
133(1)The Registrar shall prepare and upon request supply to police departments, sheriffs, garages, and other suitable agencies or individuals, forms for accident reports required hereunder, and such reports shall call for sufficiently detailed information to disclose, with reference to a traffic accident, the cause, conditions then existing, and the persons and vehicles involved.
133(2)Every accident report required to be made in writing shall be made on the appropriate form supplied by the Registrar and shall contain all of the information required therein unless such information is not available.
133(3)Subject to section 137, the Registrar, or any law enforcement officer who has forwarded a report to the Registrar under section 131, may cause certain factual information on accident report forms to be made available to the persons involved in the accident, their insurers or the authorized agents of the insurers, any other person having an interest or claim recognized by law arising out of the accident, and the solicitors of such persons.
133(4)The Registrar may prescribe forms and fees with respect to the provision of information mentioned in subsection (3).
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