Acts and Regulations

M-17 - Motor Vehicle Act

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Driver’s duties
117(1)The driver of a vehicle on a highway shall obey the directions showing on a traffic control device placed near or upon the highway.
117(2)When any provision of the Act, or a regulation thereunder or of a local by-law, requires that a sign or signs be erected giving notice of any traffic regulation, such provision shall not be enforced against an alleged violator thereof unless such traffic control devices as are required or contemplated thereby
(a) have been erected on or near the highway,
(b) are so erected at the time of the alleged offence, and
(c) are in a position to be sufficiently legible to an ordinary observant driver of a vehicle on the highway affected thereby.
117(3)Where the driver of a motor vehicle is subject to the directions of a traffic control device, he shall not drive the motor vehicle off the roadway in order to avoid the directions.
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