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E-7.2 - Employment Standards Act

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Orders and records of Board
73(1)Where a matter has been referred to the Board under section 8 or under subsection 67(1), the Board may, after hearing and considering the matter, issue an order
(a) affirming the decision or order of the Director;
(b) vacating the decision or order of the Director and substituting the decision or order that, in its opinion, the Director should have made; or
(c) remitting the matter to the Director for further investigation, with such directions as the Board considers appropriate;
and in every case the Board shall in writing so advise all parties to the proceeding of its disposition and the reasons therefor.
73(2)With respect to any matter heard by the Board the record of the Board shall comprise
(a) the notice of hearing;
(b) the complaint;
(c) any ruling or orders made in the course of the proceeding by the Board;
(d) any written submissions received by the Board;
(e) the evidence recorded; and
(f) the decision and reasons therefor.
1986, c.32, s.9; 1994, c.52, s.1