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E-7.2 - Employment Standards Act

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Employer may be required to provide bond
71(1)Before proceeding to deal with any matter referred to the Board at the request of an employer, the Board may require the employer to furnish to the Board security in the form of a bond with one or more sureties acceptable to the Board in such amount and subject to such conditions as may be prescribed by regulation.
71(2)Where an employer has furnished a bond under subsection (1), and the Board, after completion of its consideration of and the investigation into the complaint of the employee, finds that the employer is indebted to the employee for unpaid pay it may, on ten days’ notice to the employer and the sureties and in the event the debt is not paid, realize upon the bond and apply the proceeds thereof towards the payment of the debt.
71(3)Where, under subsection (2), the Board has realized upon the bond and applied the proceeds thereof towards the payment of unpaid pay, it shall in writing, as soon as is reasonably possible, notify the employer to that effect and where after the application of the proceeds there remains a surplus of funds, the surplus shall be turned over by the Board to the sureties.
1994, c.52, s.1