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E-7.2 - Employment Standards Act

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Amending certificate
38.5(1)Where the Director is satisfied that the amount of money stated in a certificate referred to in subsection 38.1(1) was incorrectly stated, the Director shall cause an amending certificate in the form prescribed by regulation to be filed with the registrar of deeds for the county or counties in which the certificate is filed.
38.5(2)The amending certificate shall be filed by the registrar of deeds and shall be indexed in the appropriate registration index and a notation of the amending certificate shall be made opposite the entry of the certificate or the renewal statement to which the amending certificate refers.
38.5(3)Section 38.2 applies mutatis mutandis in relation to an amending certificate filed under subsection (1).
38.5(4)When an amending certificate referred to in subsection (1) is filed under that subsection, the Director shall amend the registration in the Personal Property Registry of the notice of the certificate to which the amending certificate relates.
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