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E-1.12 - Education Act

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School privileges – international pupils
2021, c.10, s.1
8.1(1)On the recommendation of the superintendent concerned, the Minister may provide school privileges to an international pupil.
8.1(2)The recommendation of a superintendent under subsection (1) shall be made subject to any policies or directives of the District Education Council concerned.
8.1(3)The superintendent concerned may charge international pupils a tuition fee calculated in accordance with the regulations.
8.1(4)In addition to the tuition fee, the superintendent concerned may charge international pupils
(a) an administration fee not greater than the amount prescribed by regulation,
(b) an orientation fee prescribed by regulation, if the school district offers an orientation program for international pupils, and
(c) any other fee prescribed by regulation.
8.1(5)Subsections (3) and (4) do not apply to an international pupil who is a participant in an educational exchange program under which a New Brunswick pupil attends a school outside Canada without a fee.
8.1(6)If an international pupil attends school in New Brunswick for less than a complete school year, the superintendent concerned may reduce the tuition fee charged under subsection (3) in proportion to the part of the school year the international pupil is not in attendance.
8.1(7)Despite anything in this section or the Financial Administration Act, all or part of the fees payable under this section may be collected, retained or distributed by the District Education Council concerned.
2021, c.10, s.1