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E-1.12 - Education Act

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Disclosure to other registrars
2021, c.10, s.1
31.02(1)Despite the Right to Information and Protection of Privacy Act, the Registrar may disclose to the registrar of another jurisdiction in Canada information with respect to
(a) a decision of the Registrar under subsection 30(4), and
(b) a decision of the Appeal Board under subsection 31(5) or (7).
31.02(2)A disclosure under subsection (1) may include the following information: 
(a) the name, including any former names, and date of birth of the teacher;
(b) the registration number assigned to the teacher’s certificate;
(c) the type of teacher’s certificate;
(d) the action taken by the Registrar with reasons; and
(e) any other information prescribed by regulation.
2021, c.10, s.1