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E-1.12 - Education Act

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Registry – suspended and revoked teachers’ certificates
2021, c.10, s.1
31.01(1)The Registrar shall establish and maintain a registry of the names of any teachers whose teacher’s certificate has been suspended or revoked under subsection 30(4).
31.01(2)Despite the Right to Information and Protection of Privacy Act, if a teacher’s certificate is suspended or revoked, the Registrar shall publish on the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development website
(a) the name of the teacher,
(b) the registration number assigned to the teacher’s certificate,
(c) the action taken by the Registrar with reasons, and
(d) any other information prescribed by regulation.
31.01(3)A publication shall not be made under subsection (2) until after the matter is dealt with by the Appeal Board under subsection 31(5) or after the expiry of the appeal period prescribed by regulation.
2021, c.10, s.1