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B-9.1 - Business Corporations Act

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Forms provided by the Director
185.1(1)The Director may prescribe the form and content of the forms that are required to be sent to the Director under this Act, including prescribing whether a signature is required and any additional requirements respecting signatures.
185.1(2)The Director may, in the forms referred to in subsection (1), request personal information either directly from an individual to which the information relates, or indirectly, from any other person authorized to complete the form.
185.1(3)The Regulations Act does not apply to forms or requirements referred to in subsection (1).
185.1(4)If there is a conflict or an inconsistency between a form referred to in subsection (1) and this Act or any regulation made under this Act, this Act or the regulation made under this Act prevails.
2014, c.50, s.16