Acts and Regulations

2018, c.4 - Cannabis Education and Awareness Fund Act

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Establishment and administration of Fund
2(1)There is established a fund named the Cannabis Education and Awareness Fund.
2(2)The Minister shall be the custodian of the Fund.
2(3)Payments into the Fund shall be made in accordance with the Cannabis Management Corporation Act.
2(4)All payments out of the Fund made for the purposes of section 3 shall be a charge on and payable out of the Fund.
2(5)Payments out of the Fund shall not exceed an amount that represents the contributions made to the Fund and accumulated interest.
2(6)The Fund shall be held for the purposes of this Act in a separate account in the Consolidated Fund.
2(7)The Minister shall pay the costs of administering this Act by payments out of the Fund.
2(8)All interest arising from the Fund shall be paid into and form part of the Fund.
2(9)All amounts remaining in the Fund at the end of a fiscal year are carried forward to the next fiscal year.
2(10)The Minister may invest the money in the Fund in the manner authorized by the Trustees Act and may invest in securities issued under the Provincial Loans Act.