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2016, c.105 - New Brunswick Liquor Corporation Act

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New Brunswick Liquor Corporation
2(1)There is established a body corporate called the New Brunswick Liquor Corporation consisting of those persons who make up the board of directors.
2(2)The Corporation is, for all purposes of this Act, an agent of the Crown in right of the Province.
2(3)The Corporation may contract in its corporate name without specific reference to the Crown.
2(4)The Corporation shall have a corporate seal that it may alter or change at pleasure.
2(5)All property, whether real or personal, acquired for the purposes of this Act is vested in the Corporation as agent of the Crown in right of the Province and may be dealt with, leased, sold or otherwise disposed of by the Corporation in its corporate name.
2(6)The head office of the Corporation is at The City of Fredericton.
R.S.1973, c.N-6.1, s.2; 1985, c.4, s.49