Acts and Regulations

96-105 - Underground Mine

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Scaled plans
7(1)An employer shall ensure that the following scaled plans are made and updated monthly:
(a) a surface plan showing the boundaries of the property on which the underground mine is located, and all lakes, streams, roads, railways, electric power transmission lines, main pipelines, buildings, shaft openings, adits, open surface working, dumps, tailings disposal sites and magazines in or adjacent to the property;
(b) underground plans of each level of the mine showing all underground workings, including shafts, tunnels, dams, bulkheads, electrical substations, magazines, fuel storage areas, shop areas, garages, refuge stations and lunch rooms, with the plan for each level shown on a separate drawing;
(c) vertical plans showing all shafts, winzes, tunnels, drifts, stopes and other mine workings in relation to the surface and the top of the bedrock;
(d) ventilation plans, showing the direction and volume of the main air currents, the location of permanent fans, ventilation doors and stopings and connections with adjacent mines;
(e) location of diamond drill holes;
(f) the position of all portable electrical substations in the mine; and
(g) all concealed electrical cables within the mine that may be intercepted by mining activity.
7(2)An employer shall ensure that the plans referred to in subsection (1) are readily available for inspection by an officer and the committee upon request.