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96-105 - Underground Mine

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Emergency preparedness plan
64(1)An employer shall prepare an emergency preparedness plan, in writing, that is to be followed both on the surface and underground in case of a fire or other emergency occurring underground or in a building or structure where the entrance to the mine may be endangered.
64(2)An employer shall file a copy of the emergency preparedness plan with the Commission and the committee within one month after the commencement of this Regulation and in the case of a person who becomes an employer after the commencement of this Regulation, within three months after becoming an employer.
64(3)An employer shall ensure that the emergency preparedness plan is updated at least annually or whenever a change in the plan is necessary, whichever occurs first, and that a copy of the updated plan is filed with the Commission and with the committee within one month after the plan is updated.
64(4)An employer shall ensure that all employees whose health and safety might be affected by a fire or other emergency are adequately instructed and informed regarding their duties and responsibilities in the event it is necessary to implement the emergency preparedness plan.