Acts and Regulations

96-105 - Underground Mine

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Notification of use of diesel engine underground
50(1)An employer shall notify the Chief Compliance Officer in writing of any diesel engine that is to be used underground at least one week before such intended use and shall include the following information in the notice with respect to the engine:
(a) name of manufacturer, name of model and serial number;
(b) specifications of the exhaust conditioning equipment; and
(c) specifications of the fire suppression system, if one is required under section 94.
50(2)Where a diesel engine referred to in subsection (1) has a power rating equal to or in excess of seventy-five kilowatts, an employer shall provide with the notice required under subsection (1), where available,
(a) the certification number assigned by the Approval and Certification Center of the Mine Safety and Health Administration of the United States Department of Labour which indicates that the engine has been approved for use in an underground mine, or
(b) details of the quantity and type of air contaminant being exhausted from the exhaust system for that model of engine prepared in accordance with the requirements of CSA standard CAN/CSA-M424.2-M90, “Non-Rail-Bound Diesel-Powered Machines for Use in Non-Gassy Underground Mines”.