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96-105 - Underground Mine

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Water control
27(1)An employer shall use machines and equipment suitable for keeping an underground mine free from the accumulation and flow of water so as to ensure the safety of persons working in the mine or in an adjoining mine.
27(2)Where a working approaches a place where there is or may be an accumulation of water, an employer shall ensure that exploration holes are kept well in advance of the working face and precautions are taken to eliminate the danger of an unexpected breakthrough into the place containing the accumulation of water.
27(3)Where ore, waste, backfill or other similar material is transferred by gravity through a raise, an employer shall take adequate precautions to ensure that water, frozen material or water-bearing material does not enter the raise in such quantities so as to present the hazard of a sudden emergence of a quantity of material in a fluid or semi-fluid state to a person controlling the passage of material through or withdrawing material from the raise.
27(4)An employer shall ensure that cuttings from the reaming of a bored raise are not allowed to accumulate above the brow of the raise.
27(5)An employer shall ensure that water and spillage in a shaft sump is kept at such a level that tail ropes, guide ropes, rubbing ropes and tension devices for skips are clear of the water and spillage.