Acts and Regulations

96-105 - Underground Mine

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Hoisting machinery inspection
256(1)An employer shall appoint a person to examine the mechanical parts of a mine hoisting plant.
256(2)An employer shall ensure that a person appointed under subsection (1) is competent.
256(3)A person appointed under subsection (1) shall examine the mechanical parts of a mine hoisting plant as follows:
(a) at least once in each normal production day,
(i) the exterior of each hoisting and tail rope to detect the presence of kinks or other damage and note the appearance of the rope dressing, and
(ii) the safety catches of the shaft conveyance for any defects;
(b) at least once in each week,
(i) any shaft conveyance safety mechanisms for proper adjustment and freedom of movement,
(ii) any head, deflection or idler sheaves, their shafting and bearer and sole plates,
(iii) the attachments of each shaft rope,
(iv) the attachments on any shaft conveyance or counterweight,
(v) any shaft conveyance, counterweight and work platform,
(vi) the hoist parts, brakes, brake-clutch interlocks, depth indicators,
(vii) any hoisting equipment being used for shaft sinking, and
(viii) any auxiliary brake operating weights to assure their freedom of movement and holding capacity;
(c) at least once each month,
(i) the shaft ropes to determine
(A) the amount of wear, distortion and corrosion,
(B) the need for lubrication, and
(C) the need for changing the wear patterns,
(ii) the hoisting ropes for the number and location of broken wires, and
(iii) the friction treads of a friction hoist;
(d) at least once for every six months of service, the hoisting rope of a drum hoist within the attachments at the drum and at the drum sprout; and
(e) at least once every twelve months,
(i) the bolt locking devices, foundation bolts and all bolts critical to hoist safety,
(ii) the hoisting rope of a friction hoist within the attachments at the shaft conveyance or counterweight in accordance with an established procedure, and
(iii) the bails, suspension gear and structure of the shaft conveyance and counterweight.