Acts and Regulations

96-105 - Underground Mine

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Operation of hoist
249(1)Where equipment or supplies are being transported in a shaft, an employer shall ensure that when the equipment or supplies
(a) are in a shaft conveyance, they are loaded and secured in a manner to prevent shifting,
(b) are secured to a hoisting rope of the shaft conveyance, they are secured in a manner to prevent damage to the rope and to permit the safety mechanisms of the conveyance to operate, and
(c) are transported below the shaft conveyance or crosshead, they are suspended in a manner to prevent contact with shaft furnishings.
249(2)An employer shall ensure that the suspension system used to transport equipment or supplies below the shaft conveyance or crosshead when transporting the equipment and supplies is capable of withstanding at least four times the maximum allowable design stresses without permanent distortion to any component of the system and shall obtain and keep in the employer’s possession a certificate from an engineer to this effect.