Acts and Regulations

96-105 - Underground Mine

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Operation of hoist
242(1)No person shall enter or remain in the hoist room at any time without the prior authorization of the employer.
242(2)No person shall
(a) operate or interfere with devices or controls for operating a hoist unless authorized,
(b) speak to the hoist operator while the hoist is in motion and on manual control, except in an emergency or when the hoist is being repaired, maintained, adjusted or examined,
(c) be on a cage while it is being placed onto or removed from chairs,
(d) be in or under a shaft conveyance or counterweight that is supported by an unclutched drum unless the conveyance or counterweight is secured in position or during shaft sinking or preliminary development work during shaft sinking,
(e) leave a shaft conveyance that has inadvertently stopped at a point other than a shaft station, except upon instruction from an authorized person outside the conveyance,
(f) put to use any chairs for landing a cage, unless a signal for chairing has been made and returned,
(g) permit the normal operation of a hoist if an object that may be a hazard to the operation of a shaft conveyance or counterweight has fallen down a shaft until
(i) a visual shaft inspection through the affected part has been made,
(ii) any obstructions have been removed, and
(iii) any damage affecting safe operation of the hoist has been repaired.