Acts and Regulations

96-105 - Underground Mine

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Operation of hoist
241A hoist operator shall
(a) at the start of the shift
(i) test for the satisfactory working condition of the hoist brakes, and
(ii) test the holding capacity of any friction clutch
in accordance with a procedure established for the hoist,
(b) before the hoist is used on any shift, test the overwind and underwind protective devices by operating the hoist into them,
(c) make a return trip of a shaft conveyance
(i) through the working part of a shaft, if there has been a stoppage in hoisting for a period exceeding two hours, and
(ii) below any part of a shaft that has been under repair, after the repairs have been completed,
(d) remain at the hoist controls when the hoist is in motion under manual control,
(e) except when the hoist is on automatic hoist control, apply the hoist brakes and set the controls to remove power from the hoist motors before leaving the hoist operator’s position,
(f) not speak to any other person when the hoist is in motion and under manual control, except in an emergency or when the hoist is being repaired, maintained, adjusted or examined,
(g) not operate the hoist to transport any person unless at least two brakes can be applied to stop the hoist drum,
(h) not lower persons on an unclutched drum,
(i) when heavy loads or irregularly shaped loads are on or under the shaft conveyance, operate the hoist with caution,
(j) complete the hoist movement required by an executive signal after the hoist movement is begun unless there is a signal to stop or an emergency signal, and
(k) upon receiving three signals, remain at the hoist controls unless the hoist movement required by the signal is completed.