Acts and Regulations

96-105 - Underground Mine

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Shaft sinking
228(1)An employer shall ensure that a bucket used to transport persons
(a) is provided when the vertical depth of a shaft below the collar exceeds fifty metres, and
(b) is at least 1.07 m high.
228(2)An employer shall ensure that an employee being transported in a bucket rides inside the bucket and an employee being so transported shall ride in the bucket.
228(3)Where the distance between a head sheave and the shaft bottom exceeds one hundred metres, an employer shall ensure that a crosshead is used with a bucket.
228(4)An employer shall ensure that a crosshead referred to in subsection (3)
(a) is landed on at least two chairs at the bottom crosshead stop to prevent distortion,
(b) is attached to the rope by a safety appliance in such manner that where the crosshead jams in the shaft compartment, the bucket is stopped, and
(c) is of a type that encloses the bucket unless the shaft compartment is tightly lined and the bucket is barrel shaped.
228(5)An employer shall ensure that all buckets, crossheads and safety devices or attachments to the buckets or crossheads are of a design approved in writing by an engineer.