Acts and Regulations

96-105 - Underground Mine

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220(1)When safety catches and mechanisms are required for a cage, an employer shall ensure that free fall tests are performed under the following conditions:
(a) the cage shall carry a weight equal to its maximum permitted load of persons and any material permitted to be carried at the same time;
(b) the cage shall travel at a speed equal to normal hoisting speed when transporting persons; and
(c) the guides on which the test is made shall be representative of those in the shaft.
220(2)A free fall test is successfully passed if
(a) the cage is decelerated to a stop within one and three times the rate of gravity,
(b) there is no damage to the safety catches and mechanisms,
(c) the safety catches engage the guides continuously during deceleration, and
(d) a calculation shows that the safety catches will stop the cage when it is carrying its maximum load.
220(3)An employer shall ensure that a report of a free fall test and the results are entered in the Hoisting Machinery Record Book.
220(4)An employer shall notify the committee and an officer of the time scheduled for free fall tests at least five days before the tests.