Acts and Regulations

96-105 - Underground Mine

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Shaft conveyances and counterweights
213(1)An employer shall obtain a certificate for each shaft conveyance and counterweight showing its rated load as certified by an engineer and the serial number, date of manufacture and the name of the manufacturer.
213(2)An employer shall ensure that each shaft conveyance and counterweight is examined at least once in every five years of use and a record of such examination is made available to the committee and to an officer on request.
213(3)An employer shall ensure that a person who conducts an examination pursuant to subsection (2) is competent.
213(4)An employer shall ensure that every part of a shaft conveyance and counterweight when in service and carrying the rated load is capable of withstanding at least four times the maximum allowable design stresses without permanent distortion and shall obtain and keep in the employer’s possession a certificate from an engineer to this effect.
213(5)The maximum allowable design stresses are those established by good engineering practice and include the effects of
(a) the weight of the shaft conveyance or counterweight,
(b) the rated load,
(c) any impact load,
(d) any dynamic load,
(e) stress concentration factors,
(f) corrosion,
(g) metal fatigue, and
(h) dissimilar materials.