Acts and Regulations

96-105 - Underground Mine

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Shaft ropes
212(1)An employer shall ensure that shaft ropes are attached by closed type devices that will not inadvertently disconnect.
212(2)An employer shall ensure that in a drum hoist installation, the hoisting rope from a shaft conveyance and counterweight is attached to the drum of the hoist.
212(3)An employer shall ensure that no wedge type attachment is used for attaching a shaft rope to a drum, shaft conveyance, shafthead or other part of a mine hoisting plant unless the attachment is
(a) in sound condition, and
(b) certified at least once every six years of use as being in sound condition by a competent person or by the manufacturer.
212(4)When the attachments for a shaft hoisting rope are first installed or reinstalled after disassembling, an employer shall ensure that the following measures and procedures are taken before the hoist is used:
(a) two test trips of the shaft conveyance through the working part of the shaft while carrying the equivalent of a normal load;
(b) an examination of the attachments upon the completion of the two test trips;
(c) any necessary adjustments; and
(d) a record of the test trips, examinations and adjustments are entered forthwith in the Hoisting Machinery Record Book by the person or persons making the test trips, adjustments and examinations.