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96-105 - Underground Mine

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Electrical hoist safety
201(1)An employer shall ensure that a hoist that is electrically powered
(a) has an ammeter within plain view of the hoist operator to indicate the hoist motor current,
(b) except when the slowdown control at the limits of travel is automatic, has a device to warn the operator audibly that the hoist is approaching the limit where a reduction in speed is necessary for safe manual braking,
(c) has an accurate speed indicator,
(d) has a backout device that meets the requirements of subsection (2) by which a shaft conveyance or counterweight can be removed from an overwound or underwound position,
(e) if it has an underwind bypass device, has the device so that it is
(i) manually operable only, and
(ii) able to restrict the hoist operation to slow speed,
(f) has overwind bypass devices that
(i) are manually operable only,
(ii) when in use, restrict hoist operation to slow speed, and
(iii) allow hoist travel beyond the first device providing overwind protection,
(g) has a master controller that has a neutral or brake reset position,
(h) has brake operating levers arranged so that upon an interruption of the safety circuit referred to in subsection 198(1), the power to the hoist cannot be restored until the levers are in the brake applied position,
(i) has accurate and sensitive safety controllers, and
(j) has each safety-related device capable of being effective under the conditions in which it is operated.
201(2)An employer shall ensure that a backout device
(a) is manually operable only, and
(b) allows movement only in the correct direction.
201(3)An employer shall ensure that a safety-related device referred to in this section is adjusted only by a person who is competent.