Acts and Regulations

96-105 - Underground Mine

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Electrical hoist safety
199(1)An employer shall ensure that a track limit device is installed in each shaft compartment that is operated directly by the shaft conveyance or counterweight so that the device interrupts the safety circuit referred to in subsection 198(1) in the case of an overwound shaft conveyance.
199(2)An employer shall ensure that devices are installed to protect a shaft conveyance or counterweight operated by a hoist that is electrically powered against
(a) an overwind,
(b) an underwind, except during shaft sinking,
(c) approaching the limits of travel at an excessive speed,
(d) operating at a speed in excess of that for which the mine hoisting plant was designed and intended, and
(e) slack rope on a drum hoist, except during shaft sinking.
199(3)A device required by subsection (2) shall
(a) operate to interrupt the safety circuit referred to in subsection 198(1) when the device is activated,
(b) be driven directly by the drum,
(c) be protected for loss of motion,
(d) prevent the paying out of excess rope during shaft sinking, and
(e) be set to stop the hoist before a shaft conveyance or counterweight or its attachments make contact with a fixed part of a mine shaft or headframe.