Acts and Regulations

96-105 - Underground Mine

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190(1)An employer shall ensure that a shaft conveyance is not used to transport a person or material unless the hoist used to operate the conveyance has a braking system consisting of at least two sets of mechanical brakes to stop and hold the drum of the hoist.
190(2)An employer shall ensure that each set of mechanical brakes referred to in subsection (1)
(a) can stop and hold the drum when the shaft conveyance or counterweight is operating at its maximum load,
(b) are so arranged as to be capable of being tested independently, and
(c) are arranged to apply normal braking effort before a linkage or brake piston reaches a limit of travel.
190(3)An employer shall ensure that at least one of the sets of mechanical brakes referred to in subsection (1) is designed and arranged to
(a) apply directly to the drum, and
(b) apply automatically when
(i) the safety circuit of the hoist is interrupted, or
(ii) the pressure in the hydraulic or pneumatic system for applying brakes has dropped below normal.