Acts and Regulations

96-105 - Underground Mine

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Design of headframe and shaft
183(1)An employer shall ensure that a mine shaft
(a) is designed by an engineer,
(b) is constructed in accordance with the plans of the design,
(c) has a means to guide each shaft conveyance to prevent contact with another shaft conveyance or with shaft furnishings,
(d) has underwind clearances that exceed the stopping distance of a shaft conveyance when travelling at the maximum speed permitted by the hoist controls, except
(i) during shaft sinking, or
(ii) when chairs are used to land a skip during loading, and
(e) where a friction hoist is used, has tapered guides or other such devices above and below the limits of regular travel of the shaft conveyance and counterweight arranged to act as a direct physical brake to decelerate and stop the shaft conveyance and counterweight in the event of an overtravel.
183(2)An employer shall ensure that the hoisting compartments of a shaft, unless securely closed off, are equipped at all entrances at the surface and at every level by a gate that is
(a) not less than 1.2 m in height,
(b) constructed with bottom clearance kept to a minimum,
(c) strong enough to withstand any impact from activity carried on at the shaft station, and
(d) kept closed except when the shaft conveyance is being loaded or unloaded at that entrance or for repairs.
183(3)An employer shall ensure that, except when a shaft is being sunk, a barrier or obstruction is installed in the shaft to prevent a shaft conveyance from being lowered into water in the shaft bottom.