Acts and Regulations

96-105 - Underground Mine

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Climbing conveyances
173(1)An employer shall ensure that a climbing conveyance is maintained in a safe condition.
173(2)An employer shall ensure that each climbing conveyance is examined at least once a week with respect to
(a) the safety devices of each unit for operation and cleanliness,
(b) the brakes, top and bottom limits and station controls,
(c) the guides and hoisting compartments generally, and
(d) the external parts of the motors and units.
173(3)An employer shall ensure that a person who examines a climbing conveyance pursuant to subsection (2) is competent.
173(4)An employer shall ensure that a record book of inspections, maintenance and repairs is kept for each climbing conveyance and the record book is made available to an officer on request.
173(5)A record book referred to in subsection (4) shall be kept for a period of three years after the last entry in the book.