Acts and Regulations

96-105 - Underground Mine

Full text
164(1)An employer shall establish a code of practice for the safe handling of misfires and shall have the code of practice available for inspection by the committee or an officer.
164(2)Where a charge has misfired or is suspected of having misfired, no person shall enter the danger area until thirty minutes after the last charge was due to explode.
164(3)On expiration of the time referred to in subsection (2), the employer shall ensure that only a person designated by the employer enters the danger area and that the person inspects the site thoroughly to assess the situation or potential hazard with respect to the misfire or suspected misfire.
164(4)An employer shall ensure that a person designated under subsection (3) is competent.
164(5)Where one or more misfires are found, the person referred to in subsection (3) shall
(a) follow the instructions in the code of practice, and
(b) notify a supervisor.