Acts and Regulations

95-70 - General

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9(1)Where a prescribed product has not been tested by an organization referred to in section 6, the person who manufactures in New Brunswick or imports into New Brunswick the product shall make application to the Minister, on the form provided by an inspector, to test the product.
9(2)On receipt of an application under subsection (1), an inspector
(a) shall evaluate the drawings and other information respecting the prescribed product, and
(b) may require an independent test of the prescribed product,
and where, in the opinion of the inspector, the product meets the standards prescribed by this Regulation for that product, the Minister shall, on payment of the fee referred to in subsection (3), issue a label in the form of the label in Schedule B for the product.
9(3)The fee to be charged by an inspector to evaluate drawings and other information respecting a prescribed product under subsection (2) is sixty dollars for each hour or portion of an hour.