Acts and Regulations

95-70 - General

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7(1)The label to be affixed to a prescribed product shall be
(a) a label in the form of the label in Schedule B, or
(b) a label containing the registered trademark or symbol of an organization referred to in section 6 which indicates that the product meets the standards prescribed by this Regulation for that product.
7(2)A person placing a label referred to in subsection (1) on a prescribed product shall affix it
(a) in proximity to the manufacturer’s label, and
(b) so that it is easily and readily seen without the need to remove any covering.
7(3)The manufacturer of a prescribed product made in New Brunswick and the importer into New Brunswick of a prescribed product not made in New Brunswick shall affix to the shipping carton containing the product in New Brunswick a label indicating the manufacturer’s name or identification and the date of manufacture or a date code.