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2011, c.166 - Great Seal Act

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Current to 16 June 2023
2011, c.166
Great Seal Act
Deposited May 13, 2011
Great Seal of Province
1There shall be a Great Seal of the Province, which the Lieutenant-Governor in Council may from time to time change.
R.S.1973, c.G-6, s.1
Changing of Great Seal
2Whenever the Lieutenant-Governor in Council changes the Great Seal, he or she shall issue a proclamation under his or her hand and seal directing when the change takes effect, specifying as far as possible the changes made and describing the Seal to be used from then on.
R.S.1973, c.G-6, s.2
Continued use of present Great Seal
3Until changed under the provisions of this Act, the Great Seal currently in use shall continue to be the Great Seal of the Province.
R.S.1973, c.G-6, s.3
N.B. This Act was proclaimed and came into force September 1, 2011.
N.B. This Act is consolidated to September 1, 2011.